Wednesday 17 May 2023

Roasting Vegtables

Roasted potato slices sometimes called dollars or medallians, seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

We will use the typical North American style oven either gas or electric , can be conventional or convection.

Convection ovens work by circulating hot air around the oven removing steam and moisture, which allows vegetables to brown more quickly and evenly.

When roasting vegetables, parchment paper is better than foil. Recent research suggests that when we use aluminum foil during cooking, some aluminum leaches into food.

Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning aluminum-made sheet pans will heat up faster in the oven, and will cool down quickly and become safe to touch within a shorter time frame. 

An interesting fact about an aluminum-made sheet pan is that it has a higher heat capacity than stainless steel.

Cut the vegetables, like peppers, zucci, potatoes and squash, into smaller bite-sized pieces such as wedges or slices to make cooking go faster. It'll also give you more surface area for a char to occur.

To use oil or not - Most cooking oils start to smoke at 450 F - you do not want this to occur.

Olive oil is good, but oils with higher smoke temps may be better if you plan to roast above 400 degrees F. To properly coat each piece gently toss the chopped veggies several times, until each piece has a light coating.

Seasoning and Spices - We use a small amount of salt, pepper and paprika - but you can use over 1000 different receipes.

Roast Vegetables Cook Times

Size of vegetables and will determine how long it takes, but these times are a good average.

Sweet potato – 35 minutes,  Brussel sprouts – 35 minutes ,White potato – 30 minutes, Tomatoes – 30 minutes,  Butternut squash – 25 minutes,  Parsnip – 25 minutes, Eggplant – 25 minutes, Cabbage – 25 minutes,  Carrots – 20 minutes, Broccoli – 20 minutes, Cauliflower – 20 minutes, Green beans – 20 minutes, Onions – 15 minutes, Bell peppers – 15 minutes, Okra – 12 minutes, Snow peas – 10 minutes, Zucchini – 10 minutes, squash – 10 minutes.

Roasted zucchini slices sometimes called dollars or medallians, seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

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