Friday 8 April 2022

20 Terms for Cooking

Air fry -  To cook with heated air in a  countertop convection oven. 

Bake To cook in an oven, usually at various temperatures from 200 to 400 F.

Blanch To partially cook foods by quickly boiling.

Boil To cook immersed in hot water - boiling point is 100C.

Braise To cook foods only partially immersed in liquid using low heat.

Broil To cook in a conventional oven with high heat using only the top heating element.

Brown To cook meat until it changes colour from pink to brown.

Dry heat Cooking methods such as baking, broiling, grilling, sautéing, stir-frying, and roasting all use dry heat.

Grilling To cook directly over the coals or flames. In Canada outside grilling is BBQ.

Pan fry To cook by partially submerging food in several inches of hot fat. 

Poach To cook foods gently by submerging them in almost boiling water. 

Pressure Cook To cook using heat and pressure in a sealed pot that is faster than conventional cooking.

Roast To cook foods, often at high temperatures (400°F or more) in an oven. 

Sauté To cook quickly over high heat in a small amount of fat.

Scald To gently heat a liquid, usually cream or milk, until it nearly reaches a boiling point. 

Sear To brown or char the outside of food using high heat.

Simmer To heat liquid gently, not rapidly. 

Sous vide Cooking using food in sealed plastic pouches in water heated by an immersion circulator

Steam To cook food with heated evaporating water. 

Stir-fry To cook quickly over high heat in a small amount of fat in a wok, all while constantly moving the food. 

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