Tuesday 19 April 2022

There are Over 100 Ways to Cook Eggs

There are more than 100 ways to cook eggs. 

We will start with the formats that can be easily performed by anyone.

I like hard boiled eggs and my better half likes a softer boiled egg.

We put the two eggs in our egg pot - stainless steel about 6 inch diameter.

We start with just warm water deep enough to completely cover the eggs.

We put the stove on high until the water boils then turn it down to medium.

Put the pot cover on when the heat is turned down to medium.

You may have to turn down the heat lower if it starts to boil over.

Usually I take out the softer boiled egg at 8 minutes and the hard boiled egg at 10 minutes.

Put the cooked egg in cold water for about a minute before eating.

There are several methods to prepare and eat soft and hard boiled eggs.

The simplest is to crack off the top and use a spoon to scoop the cooked egg out of the shell.

You can also just peal off the shell and eat the egg whole.

You can cut them in half add some seasonings 

Some like salt and pepper others like to add mayo - experiment to discover what you like.

Plain boiled eggs are about 100 calories and are excellent food for athletes.

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